I farm: “We’re managing 800ha and a lot of it is rented land. It’s brilliant winter barley ground and we pride ourselves on our yields. If we’re not getting 4.5t/ac we’re asking questions. With wheat, we push for 5t/ac. For oilseed rape, we are aiming for 2t/ac. We are growing oilseed rape and dipped our feet in gluten-free oats.”

Cattle: “To keep ourselves busy in the winter we have about 75 head of continental bullocks that we buy at nine months. We’re into forward-selling so we’re not just being landed with a spot price on the day.”

Weather: “[The rain] has been relentless since July and the support is needed. We’re persevering and that’s what you do. We’re late with the spring crops but, saying that, they’re coming up well because of the temperatures. The winter crops were sown in very tough conditions; some of them were underwater, but they are coming on well.”

Danny Doyle is trying to keep on top of things like getting the trailers all set for drawing grain this week. \ Barry Cronin

This week: “There has been a bit of T2 fungicides gone out on the sprayer. We are all caught up now on fertiliser. It’s trying to keep on top of things like getting the trailers all set for drawing grain.”

Outlook: “I am confident. [Tillage farmers] need a lot more representation; we’re underrepresented and I think it’s a shame as we have a massive scope to become a great sector. From a carbon-neutral point of view, we are producing pretty much the most sustainable grain in the world at the highest quality. The problem is we’re not getting paid a fair price. We’re on the same market as grain coming from anywhere else in the world. It would be nice down the line to see some sort of recognition for native grain.”

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