Nephin Energy, the largest shareholder of the Corrib Gas Field, has officially launched its new renewable gas business, Nephin Renewable Gas (NRG).

Headquartered in Tipperary, NRG aims to become the leading producer and supplier of biomethane in Ireland by developing up to 30 anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.

The company says that the developments will create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs all around rural Ireland, for the operation and maintenance of the AD plants.

NRG has set up its operational headquarters in Tipperary Town, and the new office facility was officially opened this week by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mr Simon Coveney TD.


Ireland's target to produce 5.7TWh of biomethane by 2030 from largely agricultural sources is expected to reduce emissions by nearly two million tonnes of CO2eq per year, split between energy and agriculture.

NRG says their plants will enable farmers to reduce their own carbon footprint by allowing them to redirect their slurries and manures away from the land towards their biomethane plants.

In addition to emissions reductions, NRG says their plants will enable farmers to reduce their own carbon footprint, by allowing them to redirect their slurries and manures away from the land towards their biomethane plants.

In turn, this will help reduce the level of pollution entering Ireland's streams and rivers, they say.

In doing so, the AD sector will also provide a new reliable, long-term source of income for farmers and associated agri-industries.

Planning applications for the first three projects are set to be submitted by April, with two more due later in the year.

The first biomethane gas is expected to be produced by late 2025.


Nephin Energy is owned by Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investments, a fund that had net assets in 2023 in excess of €398bn.

This backing and access to long-term, secure finance are key strengths of NRG, according to Tom O'Brien, managing director, Nephin Energy.

Speaking at the launch, Tom said: "Our ambition is to become Ireland's leading biomethane production company.

"Nephin can realise this ambition by relying on its unique competitive advantages, such as building on its existing position as Ireland's largest natural gas company, its access to the strong, long-term, patient capital of our owners, CPP Investments, and utilising the 100+ years of combined RNG and agri experience of our first-class management team in NRG."

"In building this business, we look forward to making a meaningful investment in Ireland's rural economies and partnering with farmers to give them a real opportunity to benefit from the green energy transition," he concluded.

Biomethane at scale

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mr Simon Coveney TD, who opened the new office, said: "Producing biomethane at scale in Ireland will make a significant contribution towards our ability to reduce climate emissions across hard-to-abate energy demand sectors, such as manufacturing and transport."

"Not only is it a positive development in terms of climate change and energy transition, Nephin Renewable Gas' biomethane production will benefit rural communities across Ireland by generating jobs and creating new revenue streams for farmers," he concluded.

CO2 and digestate

In addition to biomethane, NRG's plants will generate indigenous biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), which can directly replace imported fossil-derived CO2 in a variety of industrial applications.

The plants will also produce biofertiliser in the form of digestate, which can be used as a direct replacement for imported fossil fuel-derived fertilizer.


CPP Investments, which owns a 43.5% stake in the Corrib gas field off the coast of Mayo, supplies approximately 25% of Ireland's natural gas. However, gas levels in the field have been steadily declining and are expected to be largely depleted within the next decade.

While another gas field, the Inishkea field (for which Europa Oil and Gas holds exploration rights) is situated near Corrib, it is not expected to be granted a drilling license.

The Government's Policy Statement on Petroleum Exploration and Production in Ireland, published on 12 August 2022, states that no new authorisations for new exploration will be granted.

Since Nephin Energy is the largest domestic producer of natural gas, the company is poised to shift its focus in Ireland toward green fuels, such as biomethane and hydrogen.

The launch of Nephin Renewable Gas marks the first major step in this change of direction.