Environmental organisations affiliated to Pesticides Action Network (PAN) Europe plan on legally challenging the European Commission’s 2023 decision to renew glyphosate’s approval for sale on the EU market.

PAN Europe alleged that the Commission “disregarded a series of major data gaps” identified by the European Food Safety Authority in its decision to reapprove the herbicide for 10 more years.

The NGO has sought a formal request of the Commission to review its own decision which was rejected, prompting the anti-pesticide group’s plans to challenge the decision in the General Court of the EU.


The request for an internal review cited “numerous flaws in the work of the EU agencies” responsible for assessing the safety of pesticides, according to PAN Europe.

The group claims that although glyphosate – the main active ingredient in Roundup products – has been approved for sale and use in the EU, member states can and should still implement a national ban.

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Commission renews glyphosate licence for 10 years