One-off houses granted planning permission in 2023 have fallen 27% from 2022 levels.

Central Statistics Office (CSO) data on 2023 planning permission levels show that 5,032 one-off houses received planning, with this figure being 1,892 dwellings lower than in 2022.

In contrast, other housing developments were up on 2022 levels, as the drive to increase housing levels intensifies.

Multi-development house units granted permission in 2023 were up 40% from the year previous (17,454 in 2022 v 19,738 in 2023), while apartment units granted permission also increased at a rate of 28% in 2023 (16,723 in 2022 v 21,487 in 2023).

In 2023, there were 19,738 houses granted planning permission in the state.

Dublin had the highest proportion of houses granted planning permission at 24.2% (4,776 houses), followed by Cork at 13.6% (2,676 houses) and Meath at 6.5% (1,288 houses).

Leitrim had the lowest proportion, with 50 houses granted planning permission, followed by Roscommon with 152 houses and Monaghan with 169 houses.