The Department of Agriculture has advised farmers of two important opportunities regarding corrections to their 2024 Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS) and other area-based schemes.

The first of these are preliminary checks will identify any over-claims, overlaps or dual claims.

Notifications are issued where the Department finds such an error on the farmer’s 2024 BISS application.

Where a farmer or adviser receives a preliminary check notification, they should log on to and respond before the deadline of 21 June 2024.

Area monitoring scheme

Secondly, notifications relating to the area monitoring system (AMS) are due to begin from 6 June 2024 for a minority of farmers.

The first round of AMS notifications are for the potential presence of artificial surfaces - for example buildings, farmyard extensions and farm roadways, in land parcels.

Farmers will have until 20 June 2024 to respond to these notifications.

Further rounds of AMS notifications will issue from July 2024 onwards.

These preliminary checks and AMS notifications allow the farmer the opportunity to rectify issues with their BISS and other area-based scheme applications without penalty.

Farmers and advisers should check the correspondence section of their online account.

Where a farmer is signed up for text message alerts, a text will issue to advise them that they have a notification on their account.