The Central Statistics Office (CSO) recently released figures for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023 indicating that near-comparable levels of planning permissions were granted when comparing with the same period last year, despite the opening of the much-anticipated TAMS III.

With 8,000 applications under TAMS III tranche one, planning permissions granted only rose 6% between the two periods.

Fall-offs in planning permissions granted for the second quarter of the year were seen in the north and western regions (51 granted in 2022 v 42 granted in 2023) and east and midlands regions (45 in 2022 v 36 in 2023).

The southern region saw an increase in planning permissions granted of 26% for the same periods (118 in 2022 v 149 in 2023).

Q2 overall

Overall planning applications granted for Q2 of 2023 stood at 227, with the figure for 2022 being 214.

The volume of applications granted for extension work to farm buildings was the same for each period at 29 applications, while alteration applications jumped from four to eight for the same period.

With tranche one of TAMS III opened between 1 March and 30 June of this year, much of the planning applications for this work would be encompassed in the above 2023 figures.

The first tranche of the new TAMS saw huge farmer interest, with over 8,000 applications submitted for the first tranche, in comparison to a common figure of 2,000 applications in previous TAMS.

Approximately 4,000 applications were for mobile equipment, which is exempt from planning, with the majority of fixed items requiring planning or a letter of exemption for such.