Kevin O’Hanlon - also known by his 21,500 followers on TikTok as 'Irish Farmer Kev' - has dressed up as a princess today Saturday 24 February to raise money for charity.

Kevin, who is farming while dressed up as Elsa from the movie Frozen, said that “the idea came from my daughter, because we said that I will do something when I reached 20k followers on TikTok. She suggested that I dress up as Elsa and that's what I did.”

The organic farm manager said that he is "raising money for the Children's Health Foundation, as back in the '80s my brother was cared for in Crumlin Children's Hospital before he passed away”.

The south Carlow farmer added that “the TikTok live was on this morning as I was lambing ewes and putting rings on lambs' tails with the help of my daughter, all while dressed up as a princess”.

“The target we set to raise has been well surpassed, I am delighted with all the donations that I’ve received so far. The charity supports children in a number of hospitals in Dublin," Kevin concluded.

Donations can be made through this link.