Dairygold Co-Operative Society has applied for permission to build a new biomass plant to generate steam at its milk processing facility in Mallow.

The development is part of its decarbonisation roadmap for the business.

The biomass plant will take the steam load from a combined heat and power plant that currently operates on the site, effectively replacing 11MW of steam generated by natural gas with 11MW of steam generated with woodchip biomass.

Steam is used primarily for cleaning of the plant, evaporation of milk and whey and the drying of milk and whey products.

Emissions offset

Although not offering any increase in production, the biomass boiler will offset emissions from the traditional power supply, the planning documents read.

The development will consist of the construction of a single-storey woodchip boiler building with a height of 16.292m above ground level and a maximum stack height of 27.292m above ground level.