Taoiseach Simon Harris has vowed that actively farmed land will be excluded from the residential zoned land tax.

Harris has said farmers whose land is being actively farmed will not face potential tax bills as a result of the residential zoned land tax.

The Taoiseach told the Irish Farmers Journal he knows that “there are farmers worried sick and stressed about the potential of tax bills coming their way as a result of residential zoned land tax and the impact it could have on their livelihoods but I won’t allow it to happen”.

He added that when the residential zoned land tax was announced, it was never intended that it would impact active farmland.

Challenging time

“It’s been a challenging time for farmers and the last thing they need is the burden of jumping through hoops to de-zone their land.

“I’m acutely aware of the pressure farm families are facing with the cost of living and the need to insulate farmers whose role and contribution to food production is vital and can never be underestimated, he said.

“I’ve stood on farms in recent weeks and listened to many farmers who have highlighted their challenges to me and I want them to know I will work to fix as many problems they face as possible and they have my support,” he concluded.