Teagasc has moved to increase the fees it charges farmers for key services, hiking the price of its basic core Teagasc club package by €10, a 5% lift, to €180 and the same package plus derogation advice by €35, a 10% rise, to €350.

The core package gives farmers an annual farm review, BISS application, reasonable access to Teagasc by phone and office-based support for farm inspections arising from Teagasc-assisted scheme applications. Farmers also receive invitations to events, receive newsletters and have access to PastureBase Ireland in this package.

The price varies depending on stock numbers, starting at €180 and rising to €320. The derogation add-on starts from €350, working up to €525.

The increase means it will now cost a typical dairy farmer with 100 cows and 30 replacements €320 for Teagasc’s core package, or €525 for the core package plus derogation advice.

The average suckler farmer, with 16 cows and calves, will be charged €180 for the core package.

The €10 and €35 increases have also been applied to Teagasc’s technology support package, which adds one farm visit or an equivalent consultation or office work time to the club package.

This means that the cost of a farm visit under the core plan for the average dairy farmer has increased to €295 and to €235 for the average suckler farmer.

Teagasc’s derogation planning service has increased by €60 to €450, a 13% increase. This includes one visit, plus the preparation of a new derogation plan. This is only available to clients who are already availing of the Teagasc’s technology package. The price of a farm restructuring relief certificate for capital gains tax purposes has soared by €200 to €550.

Teagasc has not changed its discussion group or TAMS application fees.

Teagasc bases its charges on the number of income units per farm. A dairy cow is equivalent to three units, a suckler cow is one unit, ewes are 0.15 units each and tillage farmers are charged depending on the farm size, with one hectare equal to one unit.