VistaMilk and the Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) will provide better mutual support in dairy research after the signing of a memorandum of understanding by Teagasc and the University of Limerick UL) on Monday.

Given each agency’s specialist knowledge in the complementary subjects, the impact of milk production practices on the processing parameters of milk is likely to become a field of extensive collaboration between VistaMilk and the DPTC, the two have suggested.

VistaMilk is a Science Foundation Ireland- and Department of Agriculture-funded body focused on pasture-based dairy production systems.

The DPTC is an Enterprise Ireland Technology Centre hosted at UL specialising in sustainable processing and manufacturing of dairy products.

The bodies have said that the development was simplified by the sharing of industry and academic partners by two organisations.

Global recognition

Director of VistaMilk Donagh Berry welcomed the collaborative effort between the research centres, stating that the two bodies’ combined work would gain international recognition.

“Both centres have important roles in the dairy research and innovation ecosystem; this strategic alliance will harness the enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge base of both industry-academic consortia to the envy of others globally,” he said.

Dr Anne Marie Henihan of the DPTC reiterated her centre’s support of the collaborative move.

“We recognise the value of the work that VistaMilk is doing, and are confident that this memorandum of understanding will be a key part of the DPTC’s broader strategy, enhancing both parties’ strategic collaborations, while increasing opportunities for the dairy industry,” she said.