Two women have been removed as directors of the The Countrywomen’s Trust, the registered company behind the Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA).

A resolution to remove Patricia Madden and Joanne Dunphy Allen, who is the company secretary and national secretary of the ICA, as directors of the company was voted through at the AGM of the trust this Friday.

Both Madden and Dunphy Allen confirmed to the Irish Farmers Journal that they had been removed from their positions. Both women, along with a third woman called Carol Grogan, were last October removed from the ICA’s national executive board.

No reason was given to them last year as to why they were removed and they have said that no reason was given to them this Friday in relation to their removal as directors of the company.


Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Dunphy Allen said she was devastated.

“I attended the meeting at 12.30pm today. A resolution was put forward to remove Patricia Madden and Joanne Dunphy Allen from office as directors of the company,” she said.

When asked what happened after the resolution was voted on Dunphy Allen said that the business of the AGM continued. She said she had an opportunity to speak at the AGM and that she is horrified by the situation the ICA now finds itself in.

“I got no explanation as to why I was removed,” she said.

Patricia Madden told the Irish Farmers Journal that she was “given no reason prior to, or at, the meeting” as to her removal and that she is disappointed with the move.

The ICA had not responded to the Irish Farmers Journal’s request for comment at the time of writing.

Last Friday a protest was held at ICA HQ on the Merrion Road, with the ICA members present calling for accountability and transparency from the association. A second protest, to coincide with the AGM, was to take place this Friday.

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