Thousands of tonnes of peat and trees have shifted in a bogslide near Mount Eagle in Co Kerry.

Footage captured by local action group Save Kerry shows mounds of peat and trees displaced in the area.

“Planting Sitka spruce on peat is never a good idea,” the group said, adding that the spillage is flowing into the River Clydagh, which “provides thousands of people with drinking water”.

A spokesperson for Kerry County Council said the bogslide occurred “on private land and has not impacted any public roads or property”.

“It is not therefore currently a matter for Kerry County Council,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Coillte told the Irish Farmers Journal that it is aware of a landslide that has occurred on a private forestry plantation adjacent to a Coillte site at Mount Eagle, County Kerry.

"We are currently looking into the potential impact this landslide has had on Coillte property. We have no further information at this time and are fully co-operating with Kerry County Council as it investigates this incident."

Irish Water and the Department of Agriculture have been contacted for a comment.

Donegal bogslide

The bogslide in Kerry is the second one to occur over the last number of days.

On Thursday, peat and trees began to move at Meenbog in Co Donegal and by the weekend thousands of tonnes was moving downstream towards the Mournebeg River.

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