A three-pronged approach to assisting milk suppliers during the current weather crisis is being employed by dairy processors.

While the bulk of the focus has been on the €15-30/t rebates on feed purchases, co-ops have also been hosting webinars for farmers on the best use of available fodder.

In addition, branch and business managers have been providing one-to-one advice to farmer clients on the best options to get through the current difficulties.

Tirlán launched a weather support package for farmers this week, which includes a 3c/l top-up on all March milk deliveries.

The package also extends the co-op’s €30/t weather support payment on all GAIN dairy feed purchased up to 27 April, and an extension of the processor’s fertiliser credit scheme until the end of May.

In addition, Tirlán launched an advanced payment scheme, which offers approximately €3,000 of interest-free cashflow support to the average milk supplier.

This will be offset against actual milk payments due over the peak months of May, June and July of 2025.


Lakeland Dairies stated that its member relations and agribusiness teams were working with suppliers to “offer advice and support to farmers”.

The co-op confirmed that the €20/t rebate that is currently being offered to farmers, will remain in place.

Meanwhile, Arrabawn Co-op has extended its €30/t rebate on all dairy feed bought up to April 13.

Similarly, Centenary Thurles reduced all compound feed prices by €15/t this week.

In west Cork, Lisavaird and Drinagh co-ops put out a call for excess silage earlier this spring.

Meanwhile, Drinagh and Barryroe have introduced a €15/t rebate on the purchase of compound feed.

The efforts of the co-ops have been welcomed by the farm organisations.


“I know some co-ops are arranging fodder deliveries and stretcher rations etc, and also extending credit – that’s all positive,” said ICMSA president Denis Drennan.

“We would like to see all co-ops doing this, and obviously, paying the maximum possible milk price is critical. It is essential that co-ops pay the best price possible to boost confidence and morale. Repayment schedules for credit extended also needs to be realistic and manageable for the farmer,” he added.

Reacting to the Tirlán support package, IFA president Francie Gorman said: “This is the kind of solidarity that farmers need as they grapple with the dreadful weather conditions.”