Carcase weights of suckler- and beef-sired dairy-bred cattle processed in 2021 are heavier year-on -year across the six main sire breeds in NI, data from the Bovine Information System (BovIS) shows.

As shown in Table 1, from January to the end of August, Charolais-sired steers out of a suckler or dairy dam have produced the heaviest carcase weights at 392.7kg.

This is a 2.7kg increase on 2020 and almost 6kg heavier than the five year average for the breed.

Suckler-bred Charolais steers have averaged 394kg over the period, with dairy-bred Charolais steers at 374.3kg.

Limousin-sired steers are the next heaviest at 380kg in 2021, compared with 378kg last year and a five year average of 372kg.

Suckler-bred Limousin steers are at 386.1kg, with dairy-bred animals averaging 360.7kg.

Simmental steers have averaged 369.7kg in 2021, followed by the Angus at 345.8kg. Angus steers out of sucklers are 10kg ahead of the five year average at 355kg, with those from a dairy dam at 339.9kg.


Across the heifer kill, unsurprisingly, Charolais-bred animals have produced the heaviest carcase weights in 2021, at 351.3kg. Those out of sucklers have averaged 352kg, with dairy crosses at 329.6kg.

Limousin heifers are next at 334.2kg, marginally higher year-on-year, with suckler-bred Limousin heifers averaging 339.3kg and dairy crosses at 318.5kg.

Suckler-bred Simmental heifers have averaged 325.7kg in 2021.


The most popular beef breed used on dairy cows is the Angus, and to-date in 2021, Angus cross dairy heifers have averaged 303kg, which is 10kg behind suckler crosses. Both weights are similar to last year, but significantly ahead of the five year averages of 296kg and 304kg.

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