Factory prices for finished cattle are at record levels for U grades in NI. According to official price reports for cattle processed last week, U3 grading steers averaged 394.5p/kg.

The previous week the average stood at 394.7p/kg.

This puts the current average price for finished steers ahead of the previous high point, which was recorded at 390.4p/kg for U3 grades back in late June 2013.

At present, U3 steers are 72p/kg ahead of the same period last year, which on a 380kg carcase is worth £273.

Prices for U3 grading bulls are also at record levels with an average price of 386.4p/kg paid last week.

Moving to heifers, the average price for U3 grading animals recorded last week is just behind the record weekly average of 396.5p/kg from late June 2013.

Meanwhile, cull cows averaged 316.1p/kg for R3 grading animals last week and although prices are rising, they are still well short of the record 325.5p/kg recorded back in June 2013.


Despite the record prices being paid for steers and young bulls in NI, the gap to the prices in Britain continues to widen, with a 20p/kg to 30p/kg differential common, depending on category and grade.

Beef prices are also at record levels in Scotland with quotes for R4L grading animals rising beyond 430p/kg this week.

However, factories in NI continue to do their best to avoid crossing the 400p/kg mark, with the majority of price deals offered to regular suppliers around 394p to 400p/kg for prime animals.

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