AgVision GPS tractor autosteer


Contact: Mark Ward

Due to the cost prohibitive nature of off-the-shelf navigation systems for in-field machine guidance, Meath-based AgVision built its own RTK GPS autosteer system.

This involved designing a bespoke system using hardware normally used in industrial applications, explains Mark Ward. A printed circuit board (PCB) using an Arduino was constructed to interpret positioning data obtained from the antenna, wheel angle sensor and also calculate roll and heading from the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

On the steering column in the cab, 3D printed brackets and gears were used to attach a DC motor. This motor turns the steering wheel according to the navigation path selected by the operator in the software. A Windows tablet runs AgOpenGPS in the cab of the tractor, which is connected to the PCB via USB.

Tipsy Bin


Contact: Michael Egan

The Tipsy Bin.

The Tipsy Bin was launched in October 2020 at the start of the feeding season. There are several innovative features in the Tipsy Bin, but the main one solves the problem of accessing the feed at the bottom of the bin as it empties.

It does this by simply tipping over to lower the entry point into the bin and provide a flat area to work off. This helps reduce the risk of back injury from overstretching. The Tipsy Bin can be transported using pallet forks or a bale lifter.

There is a drain hole which allows it to be washed out easily. It will fit in a standard 8x4 builder’s trailer. The lid is held on by a simple single-pin mechanism with a storage point for the pin while in use. The Tipsy Bin is weather-, vermin- and bird-proof.

Next Generation Plastics


Contact: Ciara Murray

Next Generation Plastics manufactures plastic fencing from recycled plastic. These include round intermediate fence posts for sheep, cattle, poultry and equine fencing. The company has also developed and manufactured square posts and stud rails.

Ceon Smart Spread

Contact: William Gibson

Ceon Smart Spread is an android control system that provides an innovative way for slurry application to be controlled and monitored on all slurry systems using Bluetooth technology.

As application rates are important to all farmers, Smart Spread uses GPS combined with real time flow from a flowmeter to let the user know if they are going at the correct speed to apply the desired volume of slurry.

This calculation is set on an Android tablet by inputting the volume of slurry/ac and the width of applicator. The system uses this information to provide the user with a recommended speed. This will alter depending on the flow of slurry passing through the magnetic flowmeter.

The system will indicate if the travel speed is correct, with a required ground speed and the actual ground speed shown on the screen. If the value matches, the indicators will turn green.

Verified by Herdwatch

Contact: James Greevy

‘Verified by Herdwatch’ is a new decision support tool that lets farmers share animal information from the Herdwatch farm management app including age, breeding, movements, latest weights and more with other farmers when selling online.

Sharing this key animal information with other farmers helps increase the value of animals by using data to prove their history and help buyers simplify their purchasing decision.

Positive Carbon


Contact: Aisling Kirwan

Roscommon-based Positive Carbon has developed a fully automated food waste monitoring system that gives commercial kitchens all the information they need to cut their food waste in half and save money, all while helping the planet.

One-third of all food produced globally is wasted, contributing to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

This patent-pending technology is the only one in the world that uses lidar, a type of laser, to identify food waste.

The device sits on the ceiling above the bin and records all food waste without any staff input required.

All the food waste data is collected and displayed on reporting dashboards where they can see what they are wasting and how to reduce it.

Brew Flour


Contact: Ruairi Dooley

Brew Flour is a baking flour made from brewers’ spent grains – the by-product of the beer-making process.

Laois-based company Biasol says its product is designed to eliminate waste and repurpose food in a nutritious, environmentally friendly way. The company says Brew Flour has a delectably malty and nutty flavour and that it adds an earthy, wholesome colour to baked goods.


Contact: Raymond Heneghan

Izario has developed an autonomous robot (IzBot) that is designed to work in broiler breeder and commercial egg laying hen houses. The function of the robot is to carry out various tasks similar to a farmer such as floor egg collection and bird stimulation.

Along with this, it visually monitors the birds’ vitals and can detect issues such as lameness, ammonia burns and abnormal weight levels.

IzBot also contains sensors for monitoring of environmental conditions in a shed which can influence bird productivity. The target customers for IzBot are broiler breeder companies and commercial egg farmers.

Plant-based seafood


Contact: Jennifer O Brien


Founded by Jennifer O’Brien, Plantruption’s mission is to disrupt how food is produced to benefit oceans, ecosystems and future generations by creating plant-based seafood alternatives. Their aim is to create a product with a taste and texture that matches that of fish using sustainable ingredients sourced in Ireland where possible, including seaweed, micro algae and potato protein.

The R&D of the plant-based seafood is carried out in collaboration with Wageningen University. Using innovative new technology, they transform vegetable protein into a layered, fibrous structure that closely matches the appearance and texture of fish.

AgriNet HerdApp

Contact: Susan Carey

Agrinet HerdApp is a mobile app which completes all the quality assurance compliance for dairy, beef and sheep farmers and also has a strong focus on herd management. HerdApp is widely used on Irish farms and the company is looking to build a herd system for other countries. HerdApp is optimised to use milk recording data to manage selective dry cow therapy. Farmers can easily find cows for different dry cow treatments and can monitor these cows effectively post calving.

CastleAgri fertiliser bag cutter

Contact: David Tobin

The CastleAgri fertiliser bag cutter.

CastleAgri’s fertiliser bag cutter is designed for cutting open big bags of fertiliser without the operator having to get in the spreader or under the bag. The cutter removes the risk of a person being crushed or injured when cutting open the fertiliser bag or inhaling concentrated fumes off the fertiliser as well as increasing output.

Abbey Machinery 10.7m trailing shoe applicator


Contact: Kate Preis

Abbey Machinery's 10.7m trailing shoe applicator

The Abbey Trailing Shoe technology distributes slurry on the ground underneath the canopy of the grass. This ensures nutrients are absorbed faster, leaf contamination is reduced, and carbon emissions are reduced to a minimum. The new 10.7m trailing shoe improves output up to 35%. The 10.7m trailing shoe accurately places slurry using the trailing shoe method, resulting in the best slurry placement. This working width matches closely to larger tanker capacities, resulting in an efficient use of increased working width, minimising ground compaction. The boom flotation system allows effective ground contouring for precision application.

Automatic beef cattle monitor


Contact: John O’Neill

The O’Neill Beef Cattle Monitor monitors beef cattle by automatically weighing them at a water trough. Data and daily gain is collected by electronic reading of the tag of the individual animal and that data can be read on a smartphone or PC via the cloud.

Immune Phix


Contact: Conor Kerley

Immune Phix contains vitamin B12 from Irish mushrooms, vitamin C from berries and cherries, vitamin D3 from marine algae, magnesium from the Irish Sea, selenium and zinc as well as Matcha Green Tea. Immune Phix provides a powerful immune support available in a teaspoon.

Farmer Jack’s Safety Device


Contact: Kieran Gavin

Kieran Gavin from Moate invented the Farmer Jack’s Safety Device. The device safely holds a wooden stake while it is being driven into the ground.

Warden inter-row cultivator

Contact: Mark Ward

Mark Ward developed AgVision GPS tractor autosteer system .

The warden inter-row cultivator is a precision-guided cultivator/hoe used in organic and conventional cropping systems. The system is operated on a Windows tablet device from the cab of the tractor. At present, it removes weeds between the rows of the cash crops. Future developments will see a precision weeder developed to remove weeds located within the rows of the crop.