Imunopro is a key ingredient in both Prime Elite 23 and Prime Elite 25 Plus milk replacers, part of Dairygold’s milk replacer range. Based on concentrated whey protein, Imunopro is a highly concentrated bio-active milk complex produced from liquid whey. Developed by Volac, Imunopro is carefully balanced to ensure the optimum level of amino acids, fatty acids and milk sugars vital for growth, health and development of the calf. The Dairygold milk replacer range is manufactured by Volac using their unique manufacturing process.

What makes Imunopro different?

Imunopro contains a number of key ingredients;

  • Over 4.5% IgG - The protein responsible for calf health found in colostrum.
  • Higher levels of key amino acids such as lysine for growth and muscle development.
  • Higher levels of bovine milk oligosaccharides, which help to develop a healthy gut bacterial population.
  • Higher levels of lactoferrin, important for gut health and has been shown to reduce scours.
  • Imunopro is carefully liquid blended at low temperatures to ensure all of the ingredients are evenly combined and that none of the proteins are denatured. This precise blend is then balanced to ensure that there are the correct levels of proteins, fats and sugars for maximum growth and development of the calf. Once blended in the liquid phase, it is then spray dried. Spray drying ensures the milk replacer has great mixability, improved palatability and consistency. Both our Prime Elite Milk Replacers can be mixed in cold water because of the high-quality protein and spray drying technique.

    When using an automatic feeder, the machine will mix it at a maximum of 42°C. It is important when mixing that the water temperature is not over 42°C as this could damage the proteins thus reducing the quality of the milk powder.

    Added Health Benefits

    Gardion – Derived from garlic, Gardion has the ability to enhance the immune system. This helps to improve gut health in the calf which is important to maintain good growth and thrive. Gardion is in both our Prime Elite 23 and Prime Elite 25 Plus Milk Replacer.


    Digesterom is a plant based feed additive that helps increase the palatability of the milk replacer. Digesterom has also been shown to reduce the incidence of scour in calves and reduce the number of days it takes calves to recover from scour. These combined give the calf the best chance for growth and high performance. Digesterom is present in our Prime Elite 25 Plus Milk Replacer.

    Milking rates at 12.5% solids.

    Milking rates at 15% solids.

    Dairygold’s technical support service

    Dairygold are delighted to offer an added value service to its customers through their technical sales adviser Susan Casey, who with be working alongside the sales team to assist farmers throughout the season. “As part of my role I will be offering advice on feeding and managing the calf rearing process from birth to weaning.

    “I will be available to offer advice and training through farm visits, phone calls and discussion group meetings that will be organised to allow you to gain as much insight and understanding into maximising your calf rearing performance.” Commenting on her current view on farm, Susan advises absolute hygiene in the calf feeder area, a correctly set-up feed curve for calves and finally the use of a high quality protein milk replacer to deliver the best value in driving calf growth. Susan joins the team having undertaken extensive training in calf milk replacer nutrition and is fully trained in the set up and calibration of automatic feeders.

    Case study 1

    Susan Casey Dairygold and Thomas Stack

    Name: Tom Stack.

    Location: Ironmines, Mallows, Co Cork.

    Farming System: Dairy.

    Tom Stack is a dairy farmer milking 80 spring calving cows. Tom rears 30 to 40 heifer calves per year. The calves are reared on an urban calfmom feeder which was installed by Volac last year in a bid to reduce labour input on the farm given we are working off farm full time and to streamline calf rearing.

    All bull calves are sold as soon as possible at 10-14 days old. All calves are given colostrum immediately after birth and remain on their mother’s milk for 2-3 days before being trained on the feeder. Since Volac installed the feeder, Tom hasn’t looked back. “I decided to use Dairygold’s Prime Elite 25 Plus due to its high-quality whey protein and beneficial health impact on our calves.”

    Tom has seen many benefits since switching to the Prime Elite range, “We have found that the calves are very healthy and since using Prime Elite 25 Plus we have had no issue with scour or sick calves.”

    Susan Casey, Dairygold Calf Milk Replacer Specialist, has worked closely with Tommy to develop an effective plan to suit his system, “I worked with Tommy to set his feed curve with calves receiving six litres for 44 days and are weaned over a 20-day period.

    Calves have an average birth weight of 40kg and from last year at weaning averaged 90kg.”Tommy runs the farm with the help of his wife Stephanie, son Ben.

    Case study 2

    Ciaran Lenihan - in charge of calves - Susan Casey Dairygold + Liam and Jack Daly

    Name: Michael, Liam and Jack Daly.

    Location: Ballyedekin, Midleton, Co Cork.

    Farming system: Calf rearing.

    Michael Daly and his two sons, Liam and Jack, are based in Midleton, Co Cork. The Dalys buy and rear calves from both autumn and spring calving dairy herds, with the number of calves bought depending on the quality and quantity available. Ciaran Linehan manages calf feeding on the farm. Calves are housed in groups of 45 and fed using a mobile milk bar on the back of a quad. Depending on the weather, calves may be moved outdoors. Calves are brought onto the farm at three-weeks of age, weighing 60kg on average. All calves are put to once a day when they arrive on farm. The Daly’s have been using Dairygold’s Prime Elite 23 for the last five years and have been delighted with the results, “It allows calves to get the right start which helps them to reach their target weights as quickly as possible. This is important when finishing beef cattle on time,” said Michael. The mixability of the milk replacer is a key point which the brothers like as it is very easy to mix and if needed can be mixed in cold water and doesn’t fall out of solution. They have very low incidences of scour or sickness since using the Prime Elite 23 which is important to keep costs low. The calves remain on milk for eight weeks but weaning is judged on weight and concentrate and forage intake. All calves are brought to finishing, with finishing age depending on requirements.

    For more information relating to our milk replacer range or any other queries, please contact your Dairygold Area Sales Manager or Inside Sales on 022 31644. You can also log onto