Over 300 agricultural science students hit top Leaving Cert marks
Some 7,745 students sat agricultural science in the Leaving Cert this year, with nearly a third of students at higher level achieving 70% or greater.

Of the 6,605 students who sat higher-level agricultural science, 317 (4.8%) achieved the highest possible grade of H1, which has replaced an A1 at higher level.

In total, 58,500 students sat the Leaving Certificate, up 2.4% on the year before. Of this, 7,745 students sat agricultural science with nearly 85% of students opting to sit the higher-level paper.


Since 2017, Leaving Certificate students are graded from one to eight, with one equalling 90% to 100%, two equalling 80% to 90% and so on.

The level taken in the exam, higher, ordinary or foundation will be beside each grade of one to eight.

A grade of H4 was the most common result in the higher-level exam, with nearly 17% of candidates achieving this result. It was closely followed by H5, with 16.5% of students receiving this grade. Almost a third of students received a grade H3 or greater.

A O5 grade was the most common at ordinary level, with 26% of students receiving this mark. It was closely followed by an O6 at 22%.


The State Examinations Commission (SEC) is reminding all candidates that detailed information about viewing their scripts and appealing their results can be found in the 2019 candidate information booklet. Scripts can be viewed online this year and the application process to do so is the same as it is to view them in school.

Candidates also have access to the final mark awarded to each individual component within a subject including the written papers as well as marks for orals, practicals, projects, coursework, etc.

A helpline is currently open to provide information and advice to students and parents. The helpline number operated by the National Parents’ Council (Post-Primary) is 1800 265 165.

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