Agriquip, part of the Murphy Machinery Group, imports the Danish-built He-Va range of cultivation and grassland management equipment.

The dedicated machine that the Tipperary firm offers for pasture rejuvenation is the He-Va Sward Rejuvenator. Working widths range from 3m to 8.2m, with each model trailed, apart from the smallest 3m machine, which comes with the option of being mounted on a three-point linkage.

To the front of the machine there are levelling boards with slicing plates, followed by two rows of heavy-duty harrow tines. The combination of these two tools removes dead material and breaks up and levels the surface if ground has been badly poached or if large clods are present.

Equipped with an eight-outlet pneumatic seeder as standard, there is an option to fit the larger 6.3m and 8.2m models with a 16-outlet seeder for higher application rates.

Seed is distributed behind the rows of harrow tines across the machine’s full working width. Finishing off the process is the 550/600mm-diameter prism roller, which helps break down clods and consolidate the seedbed.

The He-Va Sward Rejuvenator can stitch into existing pastures or cultivated land. Trailed machines incorporate He-VA’s SAT weight transfer system, which means each section is centrally pivoted, therefore adaptable to the grounds contours. The basic 3m unit has a starting price of €17,600 plus VAT.