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Dairylink farmer John Oliver, who farms near Limavady, Co Derry, will participate in an animal health webinar.

DairyLink Animal Health Webinar from Irish Farmers Journal on Vimeo.

John Oliver's farm and farm buildings in the background during the DairyLink farm walk at Limavady Co. Londonderry.

John feels his business has benefitted greatly from taking a more holistic view on animal health and using the animal health plan as a resource to record, rank and learn about herd health.

Dairylink animal health webinar host, farmer John Oliver, Limavady Co Derry.

John is adamant that planning a herd health strategy has made his business a lot more profitable.

Cows grazing on John Oliver's farm at Limavady, Co Derry.

Alongside his vet Keith Laughlin, who has farmer clients across north Antrim, John has developed a working document that he uses to manage herd health on his dairy farm. The 'live' or 'working' document serves as a record for animal health treatments and the issues relating to animal health that happen on John's farm from day to day.

To find out more and hear from John and Keith, tune in here for the the animal health webinar.

Dairylink farmers John Oliver, Richard Marshall, Owen Martin, Frank Goodman, James King, James Martin and Stephen Wallace.

Read the animal health plan template HERE.

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