Potatoes: 04/05/2021

Ex-farm potato prices reported to the IFA

Low High Average

Rooster box €320 €380 €350

Rooster 10kg €3.30 €3.80 €3.50

Whites Box €300 €350 €320

Kerr Pinks 10kg €5.00 €5.50 €5.30

Comment: Main crop plantings are progressing very well, with many growers nearing completion. Rainfall over the weekend was welcomed by growers. However, it still remains very cold overnight, which is delaying growth. There are also reports of frost damage on early crops. Markets remain largely unchanged and there is some slightly increased activity in the processing sector as restaurants have a plan to reopen.

Across Europe, physical prices in the processing sector are stronger again this week, with contract holders keen to obtain stocks to fulfil their commitments. Production in the processing factories is increasing by the week.

Prices in the fresh sector are flat, but more demand for export is noted, particularly from Spain and Portugal and also the Ukraine, but there are still low-priced stocks in Poland which need to be moved.

In the UK, planting is proceeding very well and most of the crop should be in the ground at the end of next week.