Tow and Fert machines are primarily designed as liquid foliar spray machines. Designed and made in New Zealand, these machines have the ability to dissolve any nitrogen-based fertiliser (primarily urea), into a plant-available liquid solution.

The machine also has the ability to mix, suspend and apply micro-fine particulate and biological fertilisers while suspended in liquid. This includes very finely ground limestone (less than 15 microns while ground lime is about 2,000 microns).

A hydraulically powered belt-driven agitation system which features a patented housed impeller keeps the product from settling. The units self-fill by sucking in liquid through a stainless-steel trash pump before passing through a large inline filter and into the tank.

The range includes five models, starting with the ATV-pulled Multi 500 – a 500l and up to 10m (32ft) working width machine – right up to the trailed PTO-driven Multi 4000, which is a 4,000l model with up to a 24m (79ft) working width. The machines are distributed across Europe by Leslie Dwyer of APS Bioag in Co Kildare. Prices range from €10,500 up to €67,000 plus VAT.