Access to labour is set to be one of the main challenges for agriculture into the future.

However, this challenge is even more severe in the potato sector, which relies heavily on seasonal help at planting and harvesting time.

Robotics could soon help to solve this challenge.

For the first time, potatoes have been planted autonomously in the Netherlands.

Using the Agrointelli Robotti, an autonomous implement carrier robot, 25ha of potatoes were planted for the upcoming PotatoEurope 2021 event.

The Agrointelli Robotti was pulling a four-drill Miedema CP 42 potato planter.

The potato variety Aromata (35mm to 50mm in size) was planted with a spacing of 28cm.

Acting mayor of Noordoostpolder Jan Westmaas sends a Robotti on its way to plant the first potato plot.

This world-first demonstration is part of the Robotisation project, a co-operation initiative between WUR, Agrointelli and Dewulf, for which a part of the PotatoEurope demonstration plot has been reserved.

More details on the success and process of using the Agrointelli Robotti to plant potatoes is expected from the event later this month.

Stay tuned to the Irish Farmers Journal for more coverage on this exciting development in robotics.