#TimeToVaccinate is a MSD Animal Health global initiative intended to provide farmers with information and shared experiences about nutrition, genetics, management and animal health. This initiative focuses on the use of preventative medicine, to ensure the wellbeing of farm animals and the sustainable production of quality milk and beef. It supports farmers who have already adopted vaccination, as well as farmers who want to learn more about how vaccination can improve animal health, productivity and subsequently profitability. The Prevention for Profit competition is part of the #TimeToVaccinate initiative but is currently only ran in Ireland.

As one of the largest animal health companies in Ireland, the team at MSD place a major focus on the use of preventative medicine to reduce the prevalence of disease on Irish farms. Given the challenging year experienced on farm this year to date, there has never been a more important time to discuss the key pillars that provide the foundation to maximise productivity.

Prevention for Profit competition

John Heslin and Jack O’Connor of MSD Animal Health outline the Prevention for Profit Competition and the concept behind it.

The Prevention for Profit competition is aimed at innovative dairy farmers that focus on their herds nutrition, genetics and animal health in order to maximise the productivity and profitability of their farm. We are searching for four dairy farmers, one from each province to take part in this competition.

A panel of judges will go on farm to assess the farms productivity and profitability and subsequently select a winner. To determine the farms productivity and profitability, the farm will be assessed on the following four measurements:

1. Nutrition

2. Genetics

3. Management

4. Animal Health

The winning farmer will get to travel to mainland Europe to see some of the top preforming dairy farms and how they operate.

How to enter

To enter this fantastic competition, use one of the three options below:

1. Send your name, address, phone number, your vet’s name and your herd size to timetovaccinate@gmail.com or

2. Contact Jack on 087-6972777 or Enter on-line on www.bovilis.ie

Vaccinate to eliminate

Farmers are now faced with growing concerns about food health and production methods among consumers, retailers and food processors. This naturally has an impact on the running of a modern farm.

We are confident that a successful prevention programme has vaccination at its core, and is highly beneficial to both farmers and animals. This confidence is based on the science we bring to this topic and the benefits a preventive approach brings to animal health status, food quality and overall farm productivity.