Price rises of between 1p/l and 1.5p/l have been set for July milk supplies in Northern Ireland. The biggest price lift among those known as the Irish Farmers Journal went to press on Wednesday was an increase of 1.5p/l at Dale Farm, taking its Red Tractor base price to 18.7p/l.

Glanbia Cheese and LacPatrick have increased prices by 1.25p/l. This puts LacPatrick up to a base of 17.75p/l, with its Red Tractor bonus of 0.2p/l payable on top for quality-assured farm supplies. The Glanbia Cheese base for July is 17.75p/l, with its Red Tractor bonus of 0.4p/l payable on top of that, taking it to 18.15p/l for a majority of suppliers. Prices at Glanbia Cheese are not subject to any transport deductions as these have been suspended since November 2014.