The Department of Agriculture has issued a public call for proposals in the area of forestry promotion.

The aim of the call is to help achieve the planting levels set out in the Forestry Programme 2014-2020, particularly the 30% broadleaf planting target.


Proposals on how to increase public awareness on potential social and health benefits of forestry are also sought, along with ways to promote timber mobilisation and more active forest management.

In announcing the call, Minister of State Andrew Doyle said: “We know forestry delivers many benefits in Ireland, particularly economic, social and environmental benefits.

“While we have a relatively low level of forest cover in Ireland compared to other European countries, there is huge potential to develop and grow Irish forestry to enable us and future generations to enjoy those benefits.”

Wider impact

The Department advised those interested that proposals should “demonstrate a degree of consultation, discussion and engagement with other like-minded groups”.

Those interested should also co-ordinate actions with larger entities such as community groups so that actions will have a wider impact.

Minister Doyle added: “At a national and global level, forestry plays an important role in climate change mitigation through carbon capture. However, we should not underestimate the benefits of forestry in our immediate environs.

“There are the income and employment benefits, but also recreational opportunities and contribution to biodiversity.”

The deadline for submission of a proposal is 1pm on 1 March.

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