Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has said that the report on the outcome of the wool feasibility study is due in November.

Some €100,000 was allocated to a wool feasibility study in Budget 2021, which would review the “potential demand in international markets for wool-based products such as insulation and fertilisers”.

Earlier this year, a consultation was completed which would determine the terms of reference for the review.

Once finalised, interested parties were invited to submit comments on the proposed terms of reference and/or submissions on the potential market opportunities for wool products on the domestic and international markets, the Minister said in response to a parliamentary question to Donegal TD Joe McHugh.

Time frame

The closing date for submissions was 2 April 2021, with the Minister confirming that 38 submissions were received. These are currently being reviewed with a view to finalising the terms of reference.

“The timeframe for the completion of the review including the tendering process, consultation with stakeholders and publication of the report is end of November 2021.

“The recommendations from this review will help focus the development of a robust policy roadmap for the Irish wool industry,” the Minister said.