“I purchased a bull in May this year. I was told that this bull was an easy-calving, purebred bull that was suitable to put with maiden dairy heifers. The farmer said that he was waiting for the certificate to come in the post from the breed society. I took his word for it and paid him for what I thought was a pedigree bull. Weeks passed and no sign of the certificate and he was ignoring my calls. I then contacted ICBF to see if there were any issues on that end and it turned out that when the bull was genomic tested, he failed the parent check. This means the bull is not a purebred and I have no guarantee that he will be easy calving on my dairy heifers and cows. What are my rights in this situation? Am I entitled to return the bull to the breeder and get a refund? Would the seller be liable for any losses incurred due to potential difficult calvings?”

As part of the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP), all participating farmers with a stock bull had to submit an ear-tag sample to test for parentage data.