I bought a bunch of calves in early February from a dealer. Some had been sourced in the mart and others had been gathered from farmers.
Part of the conditions of sale were that he vaccinated them, would replace any calf that died and that he would dehorn them for me when they were settled on my farm. They are a very sick bunch of calves. One died very early on, a second one more recently and I will probably lose a third. My issue is when I contacted him re: replacing the first one, he said no problem, he would call on a certain day with a calf and dehorn others when there.
This went on for weeks and he just would not turn up on agreed days or not contact me. I have dehorned them at my own cost. I have a large vet bill and minus two calves. I never asked him to replace the second calf as it was a number of weeks after I bought them. He says he vaccinated them, but I have no proof of it and my vet claims that they would not have been so sick had they been vaccinated. All I want is the cost of dehorning plus one calf replaced.
I have never had an issue before and just trusted the wrong person. I just wonder do I have any legal rights or should I just suffer the loss of it and not make the same mistake again?

Animals bought privately