Traditionally-bred calves made up over 70% of all calves traded on the ICBF calf price database this week. This saw the price of these types fall by an average of €14/head on the previous seven days.

Three-week-old Angus bulls and heifers averaged €202/head and €167/head, while Hereford bulls and heifers the same age made €171/head and €201/head on average.

Reports from marts around the country suggest there is a price reward for farmers selling that older calf, with month-old to six-week-old Angus and Hereford calves making from €220/head to €250/head.

The number of Friesian bull calves in the market continues to fall and, as a result, the average price was up €16/head this week to €85/head. However, much of this increase comes from a smaller number of younger and cross-bred types forward for sale.

In saying this, export-type calves were trading, typically from €70/head to €110/head. Farmer buyers remain active for stronger British Friesian bull calves, with prices typically ranging from €150/head to €180/head, and up to €200/head in the some cases.

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