My Teagasc friends made contact just to clarify a point I made before Christmas on new IVF technology for cows and sexed semen trials.

I suggested sexed semen had been overtaken as the preferred new toy for 2021, but I’m reliably informed Teagasc is still working hard on establishing a sexed semen lab in Ireland.

I’m delighted to hear this.

However, I’m led to believe two of the Irish studs, namely Eurogene and Dovea Genetics, are working with Sexing Technology – the provider that participated in the previous sexed semen trials.

While I understand the other two studs, Progressive Genetics and Munster AI, are looking to build up expertise on sexed semen with ABS Technology another player in the sexed semen game.

I’ve a feeling all four will need to come together to make an Irish lab of the required scale a reality, so maybe the Teagasc lads can be the glue to stick it all together.