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Your livestock should have easy access to fresh, clean water and that’s what they’ll get from our high quality water troughs. Check out our full selection of drinking bowls, available in single and double, along with other water trough essentials.

JFC Drink Bowl Double Walled

JFC Drink Bowl Double Walled

In stock

Was: €5.99Save: €0.90
Philmac 1/2 Joiner 3G Water Fittings


In stock

Was: €52.99Save: €5.00
JFC Micro Drinking Bowl


In stock

JFC Water Trough


In stock

JFC Nose Fill Bowl


In stock

Was: €144.00Save: €5.00
Gibney Drinking Bowl Complete With Surround


In stock

Was: €229.00Save: €10.00
Gibney 18L Double Drinking Bowl with Surround


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Was: €159.00Save: €10.00
JFC Dumpy 3.5L Tip Over Drinking Bowl


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Was: €165.00Save: €11.00
JFC Fast Flowing Drinking Trough


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