A showcase of the 23 locally led agri-environmental schemes has opened in the Department of Agriculture’s offices in Johnstown Castle in Wexford.

The Department is investing a total of €59m in these schemes. Measures are designed at a local rather than national level to tackle specific challenges to an area’s environment.

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Andrew Doyle opened the exhibition and said the funding was an investment in “the passion of Ireland’s agri sector and their efforts to enhance the environment”.

Minister Doyle, who is running for election to the European Parliament in the Ireland south constituency, said locally designed and led schemes enabled greater flexibility in responding to environmental challenges in different areas.


Locally led schemes based in the southeast region were of special focus at today’s event:

  • Blackstairs Farming Futures (€1.5m): This project aims to deliver innovative ecosystem services within the Blackstairs Mountains of Co Carlow and Co Wexford.
  • Protecting Farming Pollinators (€1.2m): The National Biodiversity Data Centre intend to put measures in place to protect farmland pollinators.
  • Sustainable Uplands Agri-Environment Scheme (SUAS) (€1.95m): The SUAS project in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains aims to address the complex challenges associated with the management of commonages and farms in the uplands.
  • Duncannon Blue Flag Farming and Communities Scheme (€550,000): This project is focused on contributing to the recovery and long-term retention of the Blue Flag status at Duncannon Beach in Wexford.
  • Following its display in Wexford, the exhibition will be moving to other DAFM public offices around the country.

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