SlurryKat has just launched a new 15m ‘Premium Plus’ duo dribble bar, the largest one in the company’s vertical folding range to-date.

The Northern Ireland manufacturer said that this new development comes in response to customer demand for a larger working width.

Duo means the dribble bar has dual purpose use and can be used on an umbilical system or mounted on the back of a tanker for direct spreading.

The transport height of the 15m dribble bar is 3.2m, the same as the 7.5m version

The booms feature a tri-folding design, meaning the outer booms can fold around, followed by the inner booms. The machine then lifts vertically into the transport position.

The transport height of the 15m dribble bar is 3.2m, the same as the 7.5m version.

The booms on the 15m machine are angled inwards, to avoid low lying branches or trees in transport.

The manufacturer says it is the only 15m dribble bar on the market that can carry the manufacturer’s Bak-Pak hose reeling system, which runs 1,200m of umbilical hose.

In terms of performance, the manufacturer says the new 15m dribble bar operates a respectable flow rate of up to 300m3 per hour, around 60,000 gallons per hour.


Controlling the new dribble bar is carried out by load sensing hydraulics, which is standard on the machine.

As soon as the operator pushes the button in the cab, the oil travels to the machine and it does the rest, pumping the oil on demand when required.

SlurryKat is offering full IsoBus control on the machine, via a terminal in the cab as an optional extra.

Using S335 grade steel, the manufacturer says it has designed the new 15m dribble bar lighter in weight than the previous generation 12m model. With the exception of the drag hole line (stainless steel), the entire unit is galvanised.

A flow meter can be added for precise application rates. Prices start from £24,250 (€29,025) plus VAT, with IsoBus control and flow meters costing extra.