The importation of dog treats made from South American cattle hides is set to resume this week, with the first delivery to arrive on Irish shores.

UK-based Lennox Pet Products has struggled to export to EU member states as a result of Brexit red tape, its managing director Andres Rodriguez told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“Previous to 1 January, we were able to export to Ireland and the EU hassle-free. Since Brexit came into force we have been struggling to export,” Rodriguez said.

“As it happens, just this week we have managed to gain access to Ireland for the first time this year.

“Before Brexit we used to ship 1t of product to Ireland per week and we hope to reach these levels again soon.”

The import of cattle hide from South America into the UK continues unhindered.

The Irish Farmers Journal understands that dog food distributors in Northern Ireland have had difficulty sourcing cattle hide from Thailand since 1 January and have reverted to using South American imports.

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