Letter regarding Europe's agrifood system
Letters to the Editor
"Many of these ‘farmers’ [protesting] are now more managers of industrialised feeding systems and of slurry than they are managers of land" - Dr Donal Murphy-Bokern (M.Agr.Sc.), Kroge-Ehrendorf, 49393, Lohne, Germany.
27 July 2022 Poultry
Staying ahead of the regulation curve in the Netherlands
Noel Bardon speaks a Dutch poultry farmer on pushing environmental and animal welfare standards up to maximise farm margins.
Food expert critical of UK trade policy
Henry Dimbleby said cheap food imports would contradict any future policies that the government brings forward for food production and land use within the UK.
Department looking for badger cages
The cages are to be made of 10-gauge copper dipped weld mesh mild steel or better.
22 June 2022 Dealer
MPs call on UK government to adopt “core standards”
MPs want to see future food imports meeting the production, welfare and environment standards expected of UK producers.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
BovINE EU conference allows for the pooling of knowledge and resources
Martin Merrick reports from the BovINE EU conference in Germany, where presentations were made to project partners.
22 June 2022 Markets
Watch: sheep shooting tourism continues
The Irish Farmers Journal has uncovered further video evidence of guided sheep shooting activity, first reported in November 2021.
22 June 2022 News
Positive change for Tasmanian farmer
Aidan Brennan previews one of the main speakers at this year’s Positive Farmers Conference.
8 June 2022 Management
Mastitis in ewes greatly underdiagnosed
Mastitis giving rise to clinical symptoms and grave illness in affected sheep is usually detected, but there are significant issues that pass under the radar as they are not readily detected.
8 June 2022 Animal Health
PwC to review DAERA’s handling of vet case
An independent review of how DAERA handled a case involving former vet Dr Tamara Bronckaers is to be completed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
1 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Letter regarding the looming crisis in Ireland's pig industry
"Our value chain is very much broken - Shane McAuliffe, Castleisland, Co Kerry.
1 June 2022 Letters
DAERA staff scrutinise local livestock marts
Matters of concern are being raised directly with mart staff and follow up checks are being conducted to ensure such issues have been addressed.
1 June 2022 Northern Ireland