Five cattle management tasks for August
Kieran Mailey
With autumn just a couple of weeks away, outlined are a few herd management tasks to complete before the end of this month.
20 July 2022 Management
Beef Management: BEEP Weighing, Tullamore Farm Open day and Farm Safety Week
A look at what farmers need to do in advance of BEEP weighing, a preview of the Tullamore farm open day and a few tips on farm safety.
1 June 2022 Management
Beef Management: creep feeding weanlings- will it pay?
The latest tips and advice for drystock farms in this week's Beef Management notes.
Father and daughter duo headline IGA sheep event
Hosts of the sheep farm walk Peadar and Aoife Coyle run a flock of 575 mid-season lambing ewes, a 40-cow suckler-to-weanling system and a dairy-beef enterprise finishing 50 head annually.
8 May 2022 News
Sheep, beef and tillage combining to good effect in Laois
Homegrown feed is used to produce high-quality beef and lamb, while organic manures are recycled to tillage lands to optimise output and reduce the need for importing nutrients.
Sheep Management: creep feeding considerations with escalating feed costs
Concentrate prices continue to rise sharply and there is unfortunately no signs on the horizon pointing to the potential of costs tapering off.
23 March 2022 Management
Over 40% of sheep farmers changing creep feeding plans
Over half of the sheep farmers surveyed say they are likely to have feed left over from this winter.
23 March 2022 News