Avoiding BEEP penalties this autumn
Adam Woods
Adam Woods takes a look at what farmers need to do to guarantee this year’s BEEP payment.
21 September 2022 Management
Sheep Management: ram breeding concerns, health risks and SWS tasks
Breeding is around the corner for many flocks, and plans should now be at an advanced stage including the flock breeding policy.
17 September 2022 Management
Five management tasks for autumn
The list of jobs to complete on the farm is never ending. Outlined are five jobs to keep on top of this autumn.
Top tips for weaning suckler calves
Autumn will see suckler farmers looking to start weaning calves. Kieran Mailey outlines some tips to reducing the stress when splitting cows and calves.
14 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Fat covers, housing repairs and pregnant weanlings
The latest tips and advice for drystock farms in this week's Beef Management
14 September 2022 Management
Five management jobs for autumn-calving herds
Keeping on top of herd management tasks is always important. Outlined are five jobs to keep in mind for autumn-calving suckler herds.
10 September 2022 Management
Changeable weather brings pneumonia risk in weanlings
Warm days, cool nights and more frequent rain showers will increase the risk of pneumonia in weanlings.
6 September 2022 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: autumn health checks and finishing off grass
This week's dairy-beef programme roundup looks at the vaccination protocol on the Thrive demo farm, as well as an update on the finishing cattle and continuing grass supply issues from the farm.
3 September 2022 Management
Five tips to prepare weanlings for the autumn sales
Where farmers with less experience in selling weanlings at the autumn sales, outlined are five tips to prepare animals for the live ring.
27 August 2022 Management
Banking your BEEP-S payment
Adam Woods takes a look at what farmers need to do to guarantee this year’s BEEP-S payment.
24 August 2022 Grass & feeding
Preventing pneumonia at weaning time
This week, AHI specialists take a look at preventing pneumonia in weanlings and discuss some animal health tips for livestock farms in August.
17 August 2022 Breeding & health
Beef Management: creep feeding weanlings, does it pay?
This week's Beef Management takes a look at the costs around creep feeding weanlings and whether it's worth it.
17 August 2022 Management