Way Out West: Making the most of it in Mayo
Tommy Moyles
Off-farm employment is nothing new in drystock enterprises, but north Mayo suckler farmer J.P Leonard has a few extra irons in the fire.
27 July 2022 Milk quality
Doing business on the county bounds
The Carroll family farm is situated in a high rainfall area, but they are making the most of the resources they have.
Jalex in-calf heifers sell to £8,100
A timed auction of in-calf heifers from the Jalex herd saw animals peaking at £8,100.
Contract heifer rearing- a win/win for both parties?
Originally created as a way for dairy farmers to simplify their system and reduce labour requirements, contract rearing of heifers is now back in focus with pressure on nitrates and stocking rates.
13 July 2022 Buildings
Suckler outfits sell to £2,160 at Swatragh
The monthly sale of breeding cattle in Swtragh Mart saw firm demand for maiden heifers and suckler outfits.
29 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Keeping flies under control in autumn-calving herds
Early summer is a period when an increasing fly activity puts dry cows at risk of summer mastitis.
7 June 2022 Management
Suckler outfits peak at £2,500 in Swatragh
A special sale of breeding cattle sold to a top price of £2,500 for cows with calves at foot.
1 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Making the final call on maiden heifers for breeding
Replacement heifers should have a minimum target liveweight to meet before the breeding season starts. This improves conception rates and reduces issues at calving time.
10 May 2022 Management
Five options to group suckler cows for breeding
The breeding season for many suckler calving herds will be getting under way during May. Outlined are five options to group cows for breeding.
30 April 2022 Management
Newford update: sires selected for 2022 breeding season
There are two new additions with a Charolais and Limousin sire replacing two bulls of the same breed, with the remaining bulls for use in 2022 also used in recent years.
13 April 2022 Beef breeding
Protocols for synching cows and heifers
Aidan Brennan outlines some of the protocols for synchronising heats in cows and heifers.
13 April 2022 Breeding
Newford Farm update: sires selected for 2022 breeding season
There are two new additions, with Charolais and Limousin sires replacing two bulls of the same breeds, while the two Belgian Blue sires have been dropped for the 2022 breeding season.
10 April 2022 Newford Farm