Dairy management: feed and water tips
Aidan Brennan
With a large grass deficit looming on many farms, most farmers have no choice but to go in with extra feed, writes Aidan Brennan.
9 August 2022 News
Key advice for farming in a heatwave
Farmers should take care to ensure livestock have water access and ample shade over the days ahead, as temperatures are forecast to reach 30°C.
20 July 2022 Management
Dairy Management: grass growth and water supply issues
A look at the implications of poor grass growth and what farmers can do to improve the quantity and quality of drinking water for cows.
Five tips to deal with extreme grazing temperatures
With soaring temperatures this weekend, outlined are five tips to cope with extreme heat.
16 July 2022 Management
Keep drinking water clean as temperatures rise
Weather forecasts indicate warmer temperatures over the coming days, which will put greater demand on drinking water in paddocks.
5 July 2022 Management
New Zealand-designed portable water troughs offering greater flexibility
A portable water trough system, designed in New Zealand for rotationally grazing bulls, could prove useful to Irish farmers.
8 June 2022 Buildings
Beginners' tips for setting up grazing paddocks
For farmers considering paddock grazing to improve grass utilisation, outlined are some tips to get up and running.
7 May 2022 Management
Thrive: transitioning calves to once-a-day feeding
Once-a-day feeding can provide many benefits in a calf rearing system both in terms of labour efficiency and animal performance once management is correct.
20 April 2022 Management