Factories are meeting strong resistance in their efforts to pull beef prices by 5c/kg to 10c/kg.

Finishers handling significant numbers are slow to trade, forcing the hand of factories to remain on last week’s quotes. In such cases, factories continue to apply price pressure but are pushing it out to next week. In other cases, producers handling small numbers have accepted 5c/kg lower quotes.

This leaves base quotes for bullocks ranging from €5.20/kg to €5.25/kg, with heifers trading from €5.30/kg to €5.35/kg.

Last week’s kill was recorded at just over 30,000 head with cow throughput of 8,714 head making up 29% of the kill.

The cow kill is running 1,921 head higher compared to the corresponding week in 2021, with the total cow kill for the year to date running 29,260 head higher.