Summer 2022! What a joy it was: beautiful sunny days, balmy evenings, everyone sun-kissed and in good moods. Sure, there was very little rain for the farmers and even hose pipe bans, but I have always said there is nowhere better than Ireland – especially so when we get good weather.

But like all good things, it must – and it did – come to an end. School and college beckons, the evenings draw in and already there is talk of a winter of discontent (but that’s not for here).

And with all this comes the routine, back again.

Routine is good for us and science backs that up. As boring and rigid as it sounds, having a routine can benefit us in many ways.

Essentially, routine is a set of habits, done regularly, which can give structure and add many positive benefits to our day. We stress the importance of routine for children, but as adults we can forget about it and just “get through” the day – sometimes with no plan or objective – kidding ourselves that we are free and can do what we like.

This can happen a lot when we work for ourselves and run our own business. It can be easy to say, “Oh I deserve to take the afternoon off as a treat”, or ,”I’ll start later today ‘cos I don’t feel like working at the moment.”


The truth is, routine makes us more productive. It allows us to maximise and make the best use of our time, it can encourage good habits (and discourage bad ones), and all this can help reduce stress, too.

You already have some routines that you don’t even think about – such as brushing your teeth. You don’t think about it, you just do it at night and in the morning and if you don’t do it, it doesn’t make you feel good.

So, if you want to bring more positive routines into your life, how do you go about it?

A good place to start is your morning routine. Are you someone who stumbles out of bed after the 10th snooze button, rushes around the house, maybe (or maybe not) scoffing down some breakfast while rushing out the door, hoping the keys are in your pocket and there’s fuel in the tank?

If this is you, chances are you may be chasing your tail or feeling out of sorts for at least the next few hours and then it all starts again the next day.

Changing it up

If you choose to change your morning routine, it may go something like this instead:

  • Ditch the snooze button. I set the alarm for before the rest of the house gets up as I enjoy the peaceful time before the day starts.
  • Try some of the following in your new morning routine: practising gratitude, doing your to-do list for the day with a cuppa, having a healthy breakfast, taking the dog for a walk or some other kind of exercise.
  • Other routines you can look to introduce are healthy eating routines, exercise routines, a new learning or self-development routine, and bedtime routines are really important, too.

    Remember: a routine is just a regular practice of a good habit. The important thing to remember is that you get to choose what’s included in your new routine and it must work for you.

    Focus on one new routine at a time and, if it goes wrong one day, start again tomorrow. Don’t give up!

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