Sunshine levels were above average across every weather station last year, with the exception of Knock Airport.

But it was Malin Head in Donegal that broke the record on 28 June for having the highest level of daily sunshine (16.5hrs) since 1955.

The year’s highest annual sunshine total was 1,670.9 hours in Johnstown Castle, Co Wexford, which was 118% over average.

Casement Aerodrome in Dublin had its sunniest year since 1964.

Meanwhile, the lowest annual sunshine total was 1,064.1 hours at Knock Airport.

Temperatures were above normal

Nearly all weather stations had above-average temperature overall in 2018, mainly due to the widespread heatwave in the summer.

Despite the warm summer, there was also several colder than average months; namely February, March, September and October.

The highest daily temperature was 32°C at Shannon Airport on 28 June, while the lowest was -7°C at Cork Airport during Storm Emma in March.

Drier than average

The year was drier than average at two thirds of Met Eireann’s weather stations.

One third of rainfall total was above average, with the south and west having the highest percentage rainfall.

At Mullingar and Mace Head, rainfall levels were 81% of the long-term average. This figure rises to 116% for Roches Point.

January, April, November and December were wetter than normal. Meanwhile, May to October was drier than normal.

Soil moisture deficits

Soil moisture deficits were at their highest during the drought from mid-June to mid-July, particularly in the southeast.

Annual rainfall totals ranged from 648.1mm at Casement Aerodrome in Dublin to 1,760mm at Valentia Observatory in Kerry.

The highest daily rainfall total was estimated to be 53.2mm at Dunsany, Co Meath, on 2 March during Storm Emma.


Numerous storms brought storm force winds to the west and south last year.

Annual mean wind speeds ranged from 6.1 knots (11.3km/h) at Moore Park, Co Cork to 14.9 knots (27.6km/h) at Malin Head, Co Donegal.

Met Éireann reports that the number of days with up to strong gales ranged from zero days at a few stations to 18 days at Mace Head, Co Galway.

The number of days with storm force winds was as high as four days at Mace Head, Co Galway.

The highest gust of 2018 was reported at Knock Airport, Co Mayo, on 2 January at 84 knots (156km/h).


  • Casement Aerodrome, Co Dublin, had its driest year since 2005 with 638.1mm of rain.
  • Shannon Airport recorded its highest air temperature (32°C) since 1946 on 28 June.
  • Cork Airport recorded its lowest air temperature (-7°C) since 2010 on 1 March.
  • Malin Head in Donegal recorded its highest daily sunshine levels since 1955.