Long read: why do farmers and plcs struggle to run beef factories?
Justin McCarthy
With ABP buying Fane Valley’s remaining interest in Slaney, ICM and Linden, Justin McCarthy examines the future for the sector and asks why can't farmers and plcs run successful processing factories
21 October 2020 Dealer
What the Dealer heard about Kepak
Kepak loses another 'next leader'.
6 February 2019
Factory price leagues: who were the top performers?
Phelim O'Neill looks at which factories had the most wins in the price league, and which ones were lagging behind.
Editorial: are Irish cattle the secret to success in Britain?
In this week's editorial, Justin McCarthy looks at how Irish meat processors are taking control of the British market.
1 August 2018 Editorial
2 Sisters apologises to consumers in inquiry
A public inquiry into the food safety allegations against 2 Sisters began on Wednesday.
25 October 2017 Scotland