10 steps to finishing bulls in 2018
Kieran Mailey
With fodder supplies tight on many farms, more male cattle are being fed as bulls this winter. Kieran Mailey outlines 10 key steps to ensure optimum performance.
13 January 2016 Breeding & health
Dairying in South Africa
The Stark farm has developed efficient non-grass milk farming in South Africa, but costs and competition are putting pressure on the operation.
26 November 2014 Grass & feeding
Grass growth: Mild and dry end to November and the grazing year
There have been a number of dry days in a row and milder weather that has helped dry out paddocks and enable the remaining paddocks to be grazed off.
Beef management: dealing with ringworm in sheds
Irish Farmers Journal beef and suckler editor Adam Woods looks at dealing with ringworm in housed stock.
30 November -0001 Management