The gender gap in STEM careers
Irene Bermingham
Livestock farmer and former project manager at I Wish Sharon Lombard, explains how the voluntary run initiative encourages young women to participate in STEM careers. Writes Irene Bermingham.
22 February 2021 Recruitment
Job of the week: head of people development and training at ifac
In part one of our job of the week feature, Irene Bermingham looks at ifac, the national finance firm, as it recruits a coach to lead its extensive team into the future.
22 December 2020 Careers
Coaches corner: discover your "why" to identify your dream job
A well touted phrase “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” but in today’s world, how realistic is this aim? Career coach, Brendan Heneghan advises on career drivers.
Coach's corner: your top career coaching questions answered
In his work as a career and interview Coach Brendan Heneghan finds that asking incisive questions is the best way to support his clients think through their career options.
21 October 2020 Careers
The Expo: one month on
One month ago, over 7,000 people attended the Agri Careers Expo in the RDS. But did it meet people's expectation? Anthony Jordan writes.
13 March 2019 Careers
In quotes and numbers: the Agri Careers Expo
Over 7,000 people attended the Agri Careers Expo in the RDS last Thursday. A total of 70 speakers addressed the crowd throughout the day, across our five hubs, writes Anthony Jordan.
20 February 2019 Careers
In pictures: Agri Careers Expo 2019
The Agri Careers Expo took place on Thursday in the RDS, brought to you by the Irish Farmers Journal and Devenish Nutrition.
15 February 2019 Careers
AgriCareers: what exhibitors are at the expo and what are they offering?
David Wilson profiles the companies and colleges who will exhibit at the expo and looks over what each company will be offering.
14 February 2019 Agri Careers Expo
What do employers and employees want on a farm?
David Wilson speaks with John Joe Ryan from Farm Relief Services(FRS), to find out what exactly makes a good employer and a good employee
13 February 2019 Recruitment
Expo news: the countdown is on as six new exhibitors confirmed
Six new exhibitors have been confirmed for the Agri Careers Expo this Thursday, bringing to 50 the number of companies at the event.
13 February 2019 Careers
Meet the young stars of the Irish Farmers Journal
Five stars in the Irish Farmers Journal describe what their typical nine to five looks like in the company.
12 February 2019 Careers
Agri Careers: Teagasc recruiting for advisory roles
Tegasac will be looking for advisors at the Agri Careers Expo on Thursday, writes Anthony Jordan.
12 February 2019 Careers