Positives abound but derogation decision is critical
Aidan Brennan
With global demand for dairy produce stable, Irish farmers are ideally placed to take advantage, but much will depend on an EU Commission decision around the nitrates derogation.
Beef industry outlook
Meat processors facing increased completion in key UK market due to that country's trade deals.
Overview: while we still punch above our weight there are many challenges ahead
Challenges and opportunities facing primary food production on the island.
EU climate policy marches on
While EU climate policy is marching on, it seems that the EU’s policy plans to shift to sustainable agriculture are stuck. Claire Dupont reports.
A tale of two different farming economies
There are considerable differences in the structure of the agricultural economies north and south of the border, writes Lorcan Kelly Roche.
The opportunities in prepared consumer foods
The drive towards adding value across the food processing industry in recent years can be seen in the increase in the value of consumer foods for export.
The future of food production on this island is bright
Markets are open, customers are waiting, and Ireland is ready and able to provide them with what they want.
Irish beef is facing global headwinds
The world will want more beef a decade from now, but will it be viable for Irish farmers to compete against Brazilian and Australian producers? Phelim O’Neill reports.
Far-reaching impact of corporate reporting across the agri-food sector
Lorraine Sammon, audit partner, KPMG, explores the impact of the impending EU CRSD Directive from the perspective of an agri-food co-op.
Irish Farmers Journal / KPMG report on food security
Irish food producers are moving into an era where supermarkets are far more conscious of food security.
15 May 2024 Viewpoints
How to keep the world’s farmers farming
Boosting farmer resilience to protect food security is the most crucial issue facing the international agri-sector, says Ian Proudfoot, KPMG’s global head of agribusiness
Irish Grass-Fed Beef PGI will be a slow burn
Dawn Meats CEO Niall Browne spoke with Irish Farmers Journal editor Jack Kennedy at the launch of the IFJ KPMG Agribusiness report.
15 May 2024 News