Global report on food crises
Phelim O'Neill
Even without war in Ukraine, more people are being exposed to food insecurity.
9 February 2022 Lambing
New veterinary medicine regulations now in place
Much of the discussion in recent months was focused on new rules for antiparasitics and this overshadowed new rules concerning antimicrobials, which apply since 28 January 2022.
26 January 2022 News
Veterinary medicine changes: what will the new rules mean for me?
New EU rules on veterinary medicines and medicated feed come into force from Friday 28 January. Noel Bardon looks at what the Department of Agriculture is advising farmers on the changes.
New VCI code of conduct to combat antimicrobial resistance
The revised code of conduct will come into effect on the 28 January 2022.
26 January 2022 News