All you need to know about spinal surgery
Mr Ashley Poynton, founder and lead spinal surgeon at the Poynton SpineCare Institute answers common questions when it comes to spinal surgery.
28 October 2020 Health
Early health warnings you shouldn’t ignore
COVID-19 is affecting people’s willingness to visit GPs and hospitals for check-ups and tests, but this can lead to unnecessary fatalities, writes Margaret Hawkins.
18 March 2020 Gardening
Groundcare: paying the price
So your mind wants to garden but your back says no. That’s the dilemma that faced Mairead Lavery who explains the adjustments she made to keep gardening
Maintaining a healthy back in farming
Irish Country Living caught up with Derek Cawley, consultant spine surgeon, who grew up on a farming, to discuss common back problems seen in farming and the solutions that may help
30 October 2019 Health
Staying active with rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis affects approximately 45,000 people in Ireland; but the importance of staying physically active cannot be over-estimated, say researchers at the University of Limerick
7 August 2019 Health
Health: On the right footing
Don’t drag your heels when it comes to looking after your feet – that’s the message this spring. Margaret Hawkins gets lots of advice about what constitutes a good shoe
4 April 2018 Health
Can eating particular foods cause your arthritis to flare up?
Can eating particular foods cause your arthritis to flare up? Margaret Hawkins asks dietitian Richelle Flanagan of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) to separate fact from myth.
14 February 2018 Health
Health: Minding your back ahead of calving season
Back injuries often occur at calving time, so this week Margaret Hawkins got advice from chartered physiotherapist Jonathan Flavin about looking after one’s back on the farm.
3 January 2018 Health
Outrunning arthritis
Arthritis affects one in five people in Ireland and can make life very difficult. Margaret Hawkins speaks to a man who is taking up the Arthritis Ireland’s Micro-Triathlon challenge this October.
22 July 2015 Health
Some of the latest health news
Margaret Hawkins has this round-up of some of the latest health news in Ireland.
28 January 2015 Health
Health focus: getting a hip replacement
Hip replacements can improve many people’s quality of life. Margaret Hawkins speaks with consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Stuart Edwards, about what’s involved.
26 November 2014 Health
On the road again with Patrick Feeney
Country music star Patrick Feeney talks openly about how pain almost drove him to the edge.
11 June 2014 Country Sound